About Ourlessons

OurLessons.org is an interative social platform designed match the lesson needs of teachers in developing nations with instructors, writers, narrators, redordists and editors in developed nations who wish to share their educational content with them. OurLessons allows people with teaching or media creation skills in the developed world to collaborate and share lessons via media files with teachers in the developing world. The OurLessons network will allow teachers and content creators to categorize lessons into a knowledge base.


With OurLessons you create a Myneeds page. Myneeds pages are places where teachers can itemize the equipment they would like to have, such as digital files or media players. More importantly, Myneeds pages will include a teachers specific audio or video lesson requests. In addition, a teacher can post the supplemental teaching aids needed to help with those lessons. Teachers in developing countries need content, but they also need the building blocks of content, including scripts, storyboards and lesson plans. A teacher can outline all those needs on a Myneeds page, in hope of connecting with teachers who have resources to match those needs.

Who Is Ourlessons for?

OurLessons is not limited to schoolteachers. Anyone involved in teaching can participate. Heath care workers, agricultural advisors, theologians and non-government organization (NGO) field staff can create a Myneeds page, where they can list the teaching aids they need to help them be more effective educators.


The result of OurLessons ultimately is a Global Repository for Shared Educational Content.